The oddest research project, funded almost as it ends

I am lucky enough to work with Richard Mortier and colleagues at U. Cambridge, and Ewa Luger and colleagues at U. Edinburgh, on a new project funded by the Centre for Digital Built Britain. It also has a link to or partnership Google Research’s Oak project, on secure enclaves and comms.

Cambridge is setting up environmental-ish sensors in their building, and in others nearby. Edinburgh is assessing potential ethical and legal problems with the data collection. Glasgow is making a game that seamfully plays with the inferences about individuals one can make on the basis of public, anonymous data.

Glasgow’s part is all happening in a mad rush, though. It was planned to start in September, but the admin and ethical approval processes in Cambridge meant that we didn’t get the award confirmed well into this year… and then Glasgow’s admin folk actually lost the paperwork for a month. It officially started here a few weeks ago, and it all has to finish by the end of April. I had an RA lined up, as I had funding for five months’ RA time, but in the end he was only going to get a contract for a month. He found something better to do, quite sensibly.

I’ve found another way to get this thing made, via the fine folk in the Glasgow University Software Service, but… jeez.

Author: mjchalmers

Professor of computer science at U. Glasgow, UK.

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