Workers by Self-Design: Digital Literacies and Women’s Changing Roles in Unstable Environments

In a welcome turn of events, some additional Global Challenges Research Fund budget was made available… and this allowed the above-named project proposal to be funded. It’s a £29K network style grant: 

The proposed meetings aim to strengthen and develop new partnerships among academic and non-academic partners who will work to understand, explore and create an impact-oriented research agenda on women’s engagement with digital literacies and their changing roles as they transition into the workplace in unstable environments in UK, the Philippines and Iran. 

The leader is Lavinia Hirsu, in the School of Education at U. Glasgow, along with Dr.Katarzyna Borkowska, in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Academic Partners are Dr. Zenaida Reyes, Professor and Director of Linkages and International Office, Philippine Normal University, and Lamiah Hashemi, Senior Administrative Officer, University of Kurdistan Technology Incubator, Iran.

I will try to help with tech-centred issues, as I can. I rather hope that there might be a way to connect it to the issues and people in the HDI network, which has a theme on skills and education…

Author: mjchalmers

Professor of computer science at U. Glasgow, UK.

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