Ethical Design of Apps for Assessing Mental Health

This is a EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award project getting off the ground now, on phone apps that collect personal data that can be used to predict social anxiety.

I am enjoying working with Angus Ferguson and Marek Bell on this short (4 month) project. It is based on an undergraduate project by Dimitris Eleftheriou, that basically reproduced an experiment by Boukhcheba et al. reported at the 2017 Ubicomp workshop on mental health.  We will extend Dimitris’ work that let the app operate in a way that allows most/all of the personal data (collected via Denzil Ferreira’s AWARE framework) to be kept on the phone, by adding and evaluating features that allow participants to maintain feedback and control over what happens to the data sent from their phone to us.

Even as I write this, it reminds me of old Ubicomp work from the 1990s, by Victoria Bellotti and Abi Sellen, on feedback and control… We’ll see whether/how that might weave into this work…

Author: mjchalmers

Professor of computer science at U. Glasgow, UK.

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